Why Choose Us?


At Needhamair, our commitment is to:

  • Gather a detailed analysis of the your wants and needs
  • Cost all jobs on an individual basis – no over the phone pricing or guessing
  • Supply detailed quotations stipulating all facets of the design and products (We put all the facts in writing)
  • Select and manufacture components to suit each owner and property (rather than a one-brand/size-fits-all approach)
  • Design systems to perform, not to a price for the sake of making a sale
  • Take pride in our designs and guarantee their performance
  • Honour warranty work through our own service department
  • Compile a full heat load calculation and design for each room
  • Hand over and commission each job with final as-built drawings recorded for future service and maintenance
  • Ensure installations are only carried out by qualified and experienced tradesman, consultants and administration personnel
  • Ensure manufacturing is performed locally out our Fremantle sheet metal factory operating since 1947

The difference this makes to you…

Needhamair’s thorough, accountable processes are in place for a good reason.

With an average spend of $13,500 on a basic ducted system and dozens of different components to choose from, the install must be right the first time round.

Quick, cheap installs lead to inefficiency and problems down the track. Unfortunately, we at Needhamair have been called out to rectify literally hundreds of these insufficient systems over the years.

We urge you to take your time and research your options thoroughly. Quality solutions will last longer and save you money in the long term.

At Needhamair, we’re fully confident we stand up to the scrutiny your important investment deserves.

Make a time today to meet with one of our specialist Design Consultants and experience the Needhamair difference. Be sure to book in early as the appointment slots fill up quickly, especially in the peak of Summer and Winter.

Visit our newly updated Showroom at Homebase Subiaco to see what makes Needhamair stand out from the rest….its what you don’t see that counts! 

Read reviews of Needhamair from our Residential and Service clients and find out why Needhamair has stood the test of time.



At Needhamair, we pride ourselves on designing air solutions that go above and beyond the standards set in the industry.

Needhamair incorporates only the highest quality components into our smart designs – from ducting to dampers and diffusers – that perfectly complement our premium brands.

It is our understanding that makes the difference – when you know how best to distribute air throughout a specific space, you know how to deliver the most efficient and effective air solutions.

Needhamair doesn’t just put a hand up to the grille to check that air is coming out, with an upgrade to our ECO package we will accurately measure the air flows when we commission your system to ensure that the air flows are balanced.

It’s the quantity of air flow that matters, too much or too little air impacts your comfort levels

Using a Micro manometer* balancing hood our technicians are able to accurately measure how much air flow is being delivered from each outlet, ensuring that what was quoted to you, is what we actually deliver. 

We set the air flows to the quantity required so that you don’t have to do the guesswork and use the controller to constantly adjust temperatures and fan speeds back and forth.

We’ve invested many thousands of dollars in getting our systems right, by having access to the best technology and bringing our commercial disciplines to residential projects, to ensure quality control throughout the entire quoting, install and handover process. 

For your piece of mind, when you get a quote, be sure to ask how they’ll balance their air flows after installation.

Need a balanced system…Need Needhamair

Technician using Balancing Hood       Balancing Hood

*A micro manometer is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument which can accurately measure pressure, velocity and air flow from diffusers and grilles.  Accommodating option pitot, air flow (straight pitot), temperature/relative humidity, velocity matrix, or thermoanemometer probes for use in multiple applications


We live and breathe your air

We are committed to making sure you get maximum comfort from your Needhamair air conditioning system.

That’s why, whenever we install an air conditioner, we securely save the technical details in our database.  This gives our dedicated service and maintenance division full access to all the information we need to look after your system today and well into the future.

We can instantly look up:

  • Full warranty information
  • Unit model & serial number
  • Full ‘as-built’ drawings
  • Photo documentation of installation
  • Commissioning reports
  • Quotation & contracts
  • The manufacturer of all components installed
  • Model numbers

We make sure that all our staff – from our service coordinator in the office to the service technicians on site – have access to this intimate information at their fingertips.  This means that there are no delays in keeping your system working at it’s best!

Want to know why Needhamair has stood the test of time?  Read some client reviews here! 

Protecting your valuable investment

It’s the absolute quality of our products, consultants and installation teams that allows us to provide a five- year warranty on residential installations of units (such as reverse cycle air conditioning) and generally two years conditional on our commercial air conditioning installations, with complete confidence. Here are the warranties you can expect:

  • 5-year Mitsubishi Electric, ActronAir and LG’s manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10-year Needhamair’s ‘Eco’ range of R1.5 rated flexible ducting warranty
  • 5 year zone motor warranty
  • 25-year sheet metal components guarantee
  • Needhamair covers you from every direction.

Needhamair – honouring it’s warranties for 39 years.


NeedhamAir TOP 100 JOBS

While some air conditioning businesses have to say ‘combined experience’ to create an impressive number, Needhamair have 37 years actual experience doing what we’ve passionate about – delivering cooling and heating to you.

We’re proud to say our past customers acknowledged and understood our actions speak louder than others’ words. Our business ethics are strongly focused on top quality planning, implementation and execution: we don’t have to fill our marketing with statements like “yes we can do commercial as well” or superimpose a logo on a building that is not ours. We actually do have a manufacturing factory in Fremantle, and we do have a working showroom in Subiaco.

Established in 1977, Needhamair have completed over 20,000 domestic installations in Perth, and over 15,000 commercial projects.

We understand scoping out the quality and calibre of a potential supplier is part of the process to decide which business to use. We’ve prepared a portfolio of our previous and current commercial work that we’re proud of for you to look through.

We welcome any enquiry you may have, and look forward to helping you complete your project, big or small. Please note, domestic work is not included due to privacy agreements between clients and builders.

View our Past Projects list here


Quality components, added security

We’ve been manufacturing the majority of our exclusive components at our factory in Fremantle since 1977. With such a unique facility, our installation teams have an intimate understanding of the components and how to best integrate them into your residential or commercial air conditioning solution. This means we are able to deliver quality we know you can trust, giving you added security in the knowledge that most parts we use are made right here in WA, and better still – value for money. Furthermore, it means we are able to provide the most thorough air conditioning service Perth has seen.


PEACE OF MIND Improving the industry

The air conditioning industry has improved its products, components and legal obligations to the commercial and public sectors in recent years. Regulations on noise, power usage and efficiency have played a huge role in providing end users with quieter and more efficient units.

Needhamair conforms to all criteria and in all instances surpasses the minimum requirements of each body, Act or code related to air conditioning. We are dedicated to stamping our mark on the industry as the trusted name in quality assurance.

Industry and government regulations

It’s mandatory for all single phase and three phase air conditioners, manufactured in or imported into Australia, to meet the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) levels specified in the relevant Australian Standards.

Conversely, ARC (the Australian Refrigeration Council) is responsible for granting Refrigerant Trading Authorisations and Refrigerant Handling Licenses, approved under the regulations and in accordance with the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Gas Act 1989. By law, all installations of split-system air conditioning systems must be carried out by a licensed technician.
The air conditioning industry is viewed by the Builder’s Registration Board as being a builder by definition and as such has a legal duty to conform to the Home Building Contracts Act 1991. The Act deals with contracts for home building work where the contract price is above $6,000 and below $200,000.

The overall responsibility for any air conditioning company is conforming to the Building Codes of Australia (materials) and code 1668 part II (all ventilation/extraction) as part of the Australian Standards.

For further information on each of these regulators, please contact us.




The best brands. No exceptions.

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