Need a controller…we’ve got you covered!  No matter what Brand you choose from Needhamair, there’s a controller available to enable you to use your air conditioner with ease; and to ensure you can run your system as efficiently as possible


Brand Controller Features & benefits
Mitsubishi Electric PAR 32
  • Backlit LCD 
  • Weekly Timer
  • Energy Efficient Control Fucntions
  • 0.5C Set Point adjustment
  • Dual Set Point
Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller
Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller PAC-ZC
LG  Remote Controller
  • LCD Backlit Display
  • Weekly Timer
LG Deluxe Controller
  •  LCD Backlit Display
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • 8 Zone Control
  • Wi-Fi compatible
Actronair 8-zone Controller
  • 8 Zone Control
  • On Board Sensor
Actronair Zone Controller
 Actronair Zone Controller
  •  ESP Mode
  • On Board Sensor

QUE Touch Controller
Actron Que Controller


  •  Colour Touch Screen
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity (ActronConnect)
  • Full System Control – control up to 8 zones
  • Energy usage history
  • Master Timer
  • 7 day schedule
  • Que Touch Controller Brochure


The best brands. No exceptions.

Mitsubishi Electric Actron Air LG

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