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Since 1977, Needhamair has set its own high standards of residential air solutions and stuck to it. We continue to design, manufacture and install the highest quality components against the recent industry trend of cheap mass production, resulting in the high performance air conditioning Perth residents have come to know and trust.

The NeedhamAir difference

We believe it’s what you don’t see that counts the most, that’s why our Homebase Subiaco showroom has exposed ceilings, demonstrating to you what we’ll install into your home; we’ve got nothing to hide, it’s all on show.

We also have the latest in technology when it comes to controllers and individual room temperature control. Don’t be fooled by the gimmicks that are out there. At Needhamair, we believe that the manufacturers controller is the best fit for their individual systems. An after market controller can lead to warranty issues down the track; and won’t truly do what it says it can…sure you can set the temperature for one specific room; but really all you’re doing is taking or moving the air to another area in the house; so the Bedroom will be at the right temperature; but the kitchen will have too much or no air flow at all!

Talk to us about how we achieve true individual room temperature control; and proven air flow design concepts.

No job too complex

Our residential clients benefit greatly from the expertise and disciplines we’ve gained through our heavy involvement in completing large scale commercial air conditioning installation. Perth residents can rest assured that no matter how original or complex your home may be, we can design a personalised system based on the in-depth design and manufacturing knowledge we’ve accumulated from working with our Commercial partners.

Need honesty and quality…you need Needhamair

Read reviews of Needhamair from our Residential and Service clients and find out why Needhamair has stood the test of time.


Brand Controller Features & benefits
Mitsubishi Electric PAR 31
  • Most popular controller
  • Night set back, scheduling, set point limitation
  • 0.5C Set Point adjustment
  • Dual Set Point
  • Run/Standby for Mr Slim
  • Back light
Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller
  • Auto fan speed control
  • Averaging sensor control
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Energy saving functions
  • Back light 
LG  Remote Controller
  • LCD Backlit Display
  • Weekly Timer
LG Deluxe Controller
  •  LCD Backlit Display
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • 8 Zone Control
  • Wi-Fi compatible
Actronair 8-zone Controller
  • 8 Zone Control
  • On Board Sensor
Actronair Zone Controller
 Actronair Zone Controller
  •  ESP Mode
  • On Board Sensor

Need a controller…we’ve got you covered!



styleCome home to style

At Needhamair, we’ve perfected our craft when it comes to producing air solutions that not only feel right, but also look right too.

For years, we’ve been the trusted name in the effective design of air conditioning, but we also understand that your home is your sanctuary. To feel completely at ease in your surroundings, you need to love its appearance. That’s why Needhamair provides multiple grille options so that your comfort doesn’t have to compromise your style.

A wide range of grille options are available to choose from.
Visit our Homebase Subiaco showroom today to see more options.

Linear Grille Installs:

Spiral Duct Installs:

Looking for a truly customised finish, speak to us about options for exposed spiral duct, or view our display at our Homebase Subiaco showroom.  



Need comfort and style…you need Needhamair.

ARC Authorisation No: AU07880

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The best brands. No exceptions.

Mitsubishi Electric Actron Air LG

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