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Today’s air conditioners can be up to 40% more energy efficient….is it time you updated your air? 

An air conditioner is an investment in comfort that will service you for years to come, make sure you invest in the best.  Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products provide comfort wherever you live, work and relax, offering state-of-the-art technology that is quiet, simple to use, reliable and energy efficient.

NEW – Mitsubishi Electric AP Series Wall Split Range

Introducing the new MSZ-AP series of air conditioners, with innovation built-in to provide fast and exceptionally quiet air conditioning to your home.

Mitsubishi Electric ASZ-AP Series wall mounted split system is engineered for high performance and utilises a low GWP R32 refrigerant.  With a new streamlined design to blend in with any decor, and a range in models from 2.5 to 7.8kw; there is a capacity to suit most cooling and heating requirements around the home.


  • New Award Winning Design,  with a uniform streamlined design regardless of the size and model of the unit.  (Red dot award 2018)
  • A Quiet Mode setting has been added to the fan speed settings, ensuring super quiet operation as low as 18dB*.  Perfect for the bedroom, its so quiet you’ll check to see if its on! (*Model 25 heating mode)
  • New Vertical & Horizontal vanes are double the size of the previous modle, allowing the air flow direction to be adjusted and improving air flow control effectively.  
  • Energy Efficient, the new AP Series has impressively low power consumption and quiet, yet powerful performance.
  • Innovative Wi-Fi Control (optional*) connecting the unit/s to your smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to fully control each unit on the go via an internet connection; including Voice Control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant   *additional upgrade adapter MAC-558IF required per unit
  • Dual Barrier Coating reduces dust and greasy dirt from collecting in the air conditioner


Mitsubishi Electric MSZ AP Wall Split- Indoor Unit from Needhamir

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ AP Wall Split- Indoor Unit

Energy Efficient Mitsubishi Electric MSZ AP Wall Split- Indoor Unit from Needhamair

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ AP Wall Split- Indoor Unit

Energy Efficient Mitsubishi Electric MSZ AP Wall Split- Outdoor Unit from Needhamair air

MSZ AP Wall Split- Outdoor Unit

MSZ AP Wall Split Brochure

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC WALL SPLIT – Signature Series – 2.2 kW – 5.0 kW

The NEW Mitsubishi Electric Signature Series is a wall-mounted system with a flat bevelled edge design blending energy efficiency and sophisticated, streamlined design. Combining an impressive low power consumption with a quiet, yet powerful performance, ME Signature series units not only have a distinctively styled front panel that is visually appealing, but also helps to make cleaning of the unit easier.

Designed to complement modern interior décor and suitable for a wide range of applications, Signature Series units blend in naturally wherever they are installed and are available in three striking colours; black, silver and white.

MSZ-EF25/35/42/50VE2 – Black Finish – The black Signature Series units feature a luxurious black finish, delivering a professional, quality feel to dark interiors.





MSZ-EF25/35/42/50VE2 – Silver Finish – The silver Signature Series units are produced using highly advanced manufacturing processes, including the application of a special film coating to produce a stylish, contemporary finish.





MSZ-EF25/35/42/50VE2 – White Finish – The white Signature Series units blend in perfectly with light coloured interiors. The thin, stylish design expresses a sophisticated elegance.





STYLISH LINE-UP MATCHES ANY ROOM DÉCOR – The streamlined wall-mounted units express sophistication and quality. Combining impressively low power consumption and yet quite powerful performance, these units provide the best match scenario for diverse interior designs while simultaneously ensuring maximum room and energy savings.

QUIET OPERATION – The Signature Series indoor units feature a “Silent mode” fan speed setting that provides near silent operation as low as 21dBA (sizes 25/35).

WEEKLY TIMER – Utilising a stylish infra-red remote controller, all Signature indoor units feature a built in weekly timer for complete control at all times.

FILTER – The Signature series are equipped with nano platinum filter. This filter incorporates nanometre-sized platinum-ceramic particles that generate stable antibacterial and deodorising effects.


NEEDHAMAIR PERTH’S LARGEST MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC DIAMOND DEALER SINCE 1994 … Over 20 years of being the Number 1 Dealer of Mitsubishi Electric Systems in Perth


Signature Range Wall Split Air Conditioning


Mitsubishi Electric – Ducted air conditioning advice. Choosing the right size air conditioning and reverse cycle heating system (heat pump) for your individual needs is critically important. There are many factors that effect the “air conditioning load” of a system, such as aspect, windows, room exposure to sunlight, electronic devices etc.

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers are trained to choose the right air conditioning system for your home. Whether it’s a ducted air conditioning system for every room of your home or the latest in energy efficient split inverter air conditioning units, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer.




Enhancing your environment

Mitsubishi Electric creates high quality electrical and electronic products – for the home, business and industry. Generally, when people think of Mitsubishi Electric, they probably think of high quality ducted air conditioning, split system air conditioning and reverse cycle air conditioning systems, but since 1967, they have been touching people’s lives in so many other ways.

Mitsubishi Electric supply the traction system on the train that takes people home, the giant screens at the MCG, and the substation that regulates our electricity. The satellite that carries our mobile phone calls is also made by Mitsubishi Electric.

They also provide data projectors for offices, video walls for entertainment as well as control rooms and digital surveillance systems that keep us all safe.

No matter where you find Mitsubishi Electric, you’ll see the same hallmarks of performance, dependability and global expertise that they incorporate into their comprehensive range of air conditioners.

With Mitsubishi Electric, it’s all about quality of life.

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