ActronAir Wall Splits


The Serene series of reverse cycle wall split air conditioners combines modern good looks with reliable performance.

  • Serene Wall Split systems are an ideal solution to condition a single room or open plan area.
  • Superior features for better comfort, reliability and performance
  • Engineered to perform in one of the harshest climates on Earth – Australia. Superior operating range of up to 50°C.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Full DC Inverter Technology

Full DC inverter technology for improved energy efficiency, reduced running costs, reduced noise and better temperature control.


DC Inverter Technology

Advanced DC Inverter technology delivers improved energy efficiency and reduced running costs. The DC Inverter compressor and fans work in unison to efficiently deliver just the right amount of cooling or heating to match your needs.

DC Inverter Compressor

A high efficiency DC Inverter compressor adjusts its capacity to provide you with the optimum amount of heating and cooling.

  • 35% more efficient than conventional AC technology
  • Reduced noise vs. AC technology

DC Indoor Fan

The DC indoor fan can adjust airflow for optimum comfort.

  • Up to 40% more efficient than AC technology Airflow adjustment from 30 – 100% for better airflow control
  • Precise fan speed control
  • Reduced noise vs. AC technology

DC Outdoor Fan

A high efficiency DC outdoor fan delivers improved performance and reduced noise.

Superior operating range up to 50oC

Aurora is designed with a superior operating range of up to 50oC. Most other inverter systems only have a maximum operating range of 43-46oC.

Faster Heating and Cooling with Turbo Mode

Multi-directional airflow with memory function

Effectively heating and cooling your home requires good air circulation.

Up-down airflow can be adjusted from the remote controller or set to auto swing. Left-right airflow can be adjusted from the remote controller or set to auto swing.

Multi-directional airflow available on models SWB52E – SWB82E. Other models require manual adjustment for left-right operation

The memory function will automatically restore the louvre to the last position before the air conditioner was switched off.

Follow Me Function for better temperature control

‘Follow Me’ function allows you to use your remote control as a temperature sensor for optimum comfort in larger open plan areas.


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Mitsubishi Electric Actron Air LG

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