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Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control gives you the freedom to tailor your heating and cooling needs with the touch of a button from anywhere, so you can rest assured your family will be comfortable in summer and in winter, year-in, year-out.

Check out this online demo below.  Click on the “Control Unit” and “View All Units” boxes to navigate through the active demo

Adjust the temperature with the sliding scale, change the function from Heat to Cool, turn off certain areas of the house

Needhamair’s customised design tailors your air conditioning systems to your needs. And the new Mitsubishi Electric Wifi Control complements this with advanced functions such as the ‘minimum or maximum room temperature’ rule settings. With this option, your system will continuously monitor your room’s temperature, automatically turning your air conditioner on or off once your desired temperature setting is reached. 

This makes the Mitsubishi Electric Wifi Control ideal for children’s bedrooms, or anywhere you need continuous, reliable control. And if you have multiple Mitsubishi Electric units, by installing a Wi-Fi Control adaptor on each indoor unit, your Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control App becomes capable of seamless multiple units control.

At Needhamair, we know that you live a busy life. Our Mitsubishi Electric Wifi control unlocks the door to smarter heating or cooling, for total comfort throughout your home where ever you are. This innovative technology connects your domestic Mitsubishi Electric high wall, floor mounted and ducted air conditioner and zones to your Apple or Android device (or even via the web), giving you the freedom to fully control your system unit on-the-go – no hassles!

Mitsubishi Electric Wifi Adapter

The MAC-558IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptor connects discreetly to your air conditioning system control board. The MAC-558IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptor is available on selected Mitsubishi Electric High Wall air conditioning systems, and can either be purchased as an optional upgrade when purchasing a high wall air conditioner, or retrofitted to an existing Mitsubishi Electric model. mac-558if-e

To enable Wi-Fi control, you will need a Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Adaptor, and a compatible WPA2-AES capable router with WPS and an active Internet connection. Refer to the list of compatible air conditioning models and system requirements.

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