Perfect Wifi with ActronConnect

 With Needhamair, the ActronConnect system gives you wireless control of your ActronAir ducted system.

ActronConnect gives you full control with its clean design and easy-to-use controls. It makes setting your perfect comfort level as simple as a single touch of your phone, tablet or computer.

ActronConnect – Colour coded smarts

ActronConnect is colour coded for simplicity, with blue for cooling, red for heating, green for fan only operation, and purple for the set and forget auto function.


 Complete comfort in the palm of your hand

ActronConnect’s clean design makes controlling your comfort easy, with the home page providing access to the power button, system status, current temperature, set temperature, mode settings, fan speed and ESP indicator, all from a single screen.

Full zone control

ActronConnect’s Zone Screen gives you easy control over which zones are on or off – perfectly complementing Needhamair’s customised design and installations! You can even give each zone the name you prefer: Kate’s Room, TV Room, Man Cave – whatever you like. And if you have the Ultima upgraded system, the actual temperature of each zone is also shown.

Set & forget Timer

At Needhamair, we realise that you shouldn’t have to plan your day around your air conditioning, it should be flexible enough to suit you. With the Timer function, you can use ActronConnect to set up a countdown to either turn your air conditioning system on or off when it suits you best, ideal for those who live busy lives.

Wireless control at home or away with ActronConnect

With ActronConnect, Needhamair provides the ultimate air conditioning remote control, allowing you to cool your bedrooms before you head off to sleep, or get the living areas cosy and warm before you get out of bed. It’s long-range antenna provides extensive Wi-Fi connectivity all around the home. And whether you’re down the road or on the other side of the world, you can connect with the ActronAir Internet Cloud which communicates back to your home. Either way, complete comfort is in the palm of your hand.


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